How to: Prepare your garden for winter

fenceAutumn is a great time to head out into the garden and prepare your plants for the cold weather ahead.

Every season requires a little bit of a difference approach to gardening, so if you want your garden to thrive throughout winter then take some time to carry out some much-needed seasonal care.

  • Those who have a vegetable garden should add a thick layer of mulch to protect crops from the cold until they can be harvested.
  • Fallen autumn leaves should be raked up so they don’t kill any grass or plants buried underneath.
  • If you have any dead vegetation then put this in a compost pile (just make sure that there’s no seeds in there as new plants may sprout up in your compost).
  • Till the soil to help cut down on weed growth. You may want to add some organic compost into the soil too.
  • Plants need less moisture in winter so you don’t need to water them as often. In fact too much water can be a problem in winter. If it rains often then you may need to improve your garden’s drainage.
  • Take the time to care for your lawn. Fertilise it to keep it healthy in the lead up to winter and raise your lawnmower, because longer blades will help protect your lawn from frost.
  • Plant some colour to help brighten your mood on a dreary winter’s day. Check with your local garden nursery to find native plants that are suitable for your garden.

Hopefully we see lots of beautiful gardens in Bacchus Marsh this winter, and if you have any more gardening tips to share then please feel free to leave a comment.