Can you recycle your Easter egg wrappers?

Now that Easter is over for another year we’re sure that lots of Bacchus Marsh families are cleaning up their homes and wondering what to do with all of those Easter egg wrappers and leftover packaging.Recycle-Symbol

If you have a lot of Easter egg packaging to get rid of then do your best to try and recycle it properly.

Many people don’t realise that you can actually recycle the foil packaging used to wrap your chocolate eggs, however you need to make sure that you do it properly.

The biggest issue with foil wrappers is that they’re very small, so Bacchus Marsh households are advised to round up all of their wrappers together and roll them into a big ball that can be placed into the recycling bin (the same bin that you would use for disposing of an aluminium drink can). Just make sure that there is no chocolate on the foil though, as this can contaminate your recycling.

Of course you should also make an effort to recycle all of your cardboard and plastic packaging and if there is anything that you’re unsure about recycling then you should get in touch with the Moorabool Shire Council to make sure that you’re recycling right. 

The team at Arbee Real Estate Professionals hopes that everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend and if you have you any more Easter recycling tips then feel free to share by leaving a comment.