Autumn home maintenance tips

AutumnWe still have a while before winter hits Bacchus Marsh but now that we’re in March it’s time to prepare our homes for the cooler weather ahead.

Clean out gutters

Now is a good time to start clearing out your home’s gutters. While it isn’t the most glamorous job in the world, it will help prevent the build-up of mould and moss, which will become harder to get rid of over time.

Inspect your fireplace (if you have one)

Make sure your fireplace is up to scratch before you start using it in winter. Get it inspected by a chimney specialist to make sure that it’s free of blockages or other potential hazards. You may also want to start building up your firewood supply now.

Block gaps in doors and windows

Be sure to seal up any gaps around doors and windows as these have a habit of letting the cold air in during winter. Having a sealed property will help keep your heating bills lower too.

Check and replace light bulbs and smoke alarm batteries

A change in seasons is always a good time to check that your lights and smoke alarms are in working order. If you need to replace your light bulbs then opt for energy saving ones. Remember to check smoke alarms too, especially since there is an increased risk of home fires over winter due to the use of heating appliances.

Clean and de-clutter your living areas

You’ll likely be spending a lot more time indoors during winter, so start cleaning out your home now and making it into a cosy sanctuary you’d want to spend time in when it’s too cold to head outside.

Do you have any more autumn home maintenance tips for the Bacchus Marsh community? If so then feel free to share them by leaving a comment.