Thinking about renovating your home? Read this first!

tool-beltNo doubt many Bacchus Marsh residents have been getting into the latest season of the television show, The Block, and whilst we think that it offers up great style tips and beautiful rooms, the question everyone asks is – “is it realistic for the average person to achieve?”

The simply answer is “no”, especially not in the same timeframe. The Block makes for a very entertaining show to watch if you’re interested in interior design and real estate, but the average renovator simply doesn’t have the money or resources to create the same kinds of rooms that you see on your television screen.

Even if you did have the same kinds of resources that are needed to create The Block rooms however, it may not necessarily help you sell your home for more.

If you want to renovate your home for profit then you should be taking your style inspiration from your local area and from what local buyers are looking for.

A lot of design tips on The Block are quite specific for the area they are in, with the current series being set in South Yarra. Every suburb and region has it’s own style trends and people will want their property features and designs to reflect that.

When deciding on renovations for your own home, take a look on websites like and find out what properties in your area look like and what prices they are selling for.

Also think about the market you are renovating for. If you live in an area with a lot of urban professionals then they will probably want a property with features like a home office, or entertaining areas, whereas areas with a lot of young families will want homes that are bigger and have room for the kids to run around.

Always keep the eventual buyer in mind when you plan to renovate for profit and be careful of overcapitalising. You can’t always expect that every dime you spend on renovations will be made back when it comes time to sell.

Some properties won’t see major returns from renovations because when a potential buyer walks through a property they’re not thinking about how much each element cost – they’re considering things like how modern the property is, how many rooms it has and how much space it has.

If you’re planning to renovate your home to help it sell then make sure that you get advice first, as every property is different and sometimes simply touch-ups are all that is needed.

If you would like any advice about your property and what types of renovations are common in Bacchus Marsh then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team at Professionals Arbee Real Estate today.