How to secure a rental without any rental history

house keyIf you have never rented before then it can be quite daunting, especially as you are applying for rentals without any rental history to your name.

But even if you don’t have a rental record it’s still possible to be accepted for a rental property, and there are a couple of things you can do to help strengthen your rental application.

Property managers will be looking at your ability to pay your rent and look after a property, so here are some tips that might help show that you will be a good tenant:

Find good references – If you’re renting for the first time then you won’t have any previous property managers to vouch for you, but you can still supply references from other people you have had a good relationship with such as an employer or teacher. Remember that a reference should be from someone you’ve had a professional relationship with and not a family member.

Provide proof of financial security – Obviously if you want to rent a property then you will need to be able to afford regular rental payments. You can prove your ability to pay rent by providing documents such as a verification of employment, payslips and something that shows a history of making previous payments (e.g. electricity or phone bills).

Find flatmates – Most young people renting for the first time will rent with friends so they can share costs. Renting with someone who has already rented before and has a good rental history can also help improve your chances of securing a rental. Just remember to have your name put on the lease so that you can start to build your own rental history.

Ask your parents to go guarantor – If your parents are willing then they can sign a document declaring that they will pay rental payments on your behalf in times of difficulty or alternatively their name can be put on the lease.

Have you got any more tips for first time renters? If you’re looking for rental properties in the Bacchus Marsh area then feel free to browse through the properties available for rent on our website.