Are you up for the Febfast Challenge?

question-markAfter what seems like months of parties and over-indulgence we’re sure that there are lots of Bacchus Marsh residents who are ready to detox from alcohol, sweets or other vices.

If you want February to be the month that kicks off a new and healthy lifestyle then you might be in interested in taking part in Febfast, a month long event that is helping to raise money for young people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

Febfast is hoping to be the ultimate hangover cure by encouraging people to challenge themselves to take a break from whatever it is they need a break from, whether it’s alcohol, sugar, caffeine or digital overload.

Once you set a challenge for yourself you can ask your friends and family to help you out by donating to you or by buying a ‘time out pass’ that allows you to have a little break from your detox – just try not to have too many!

Febfast is a unique event in that it allows everyone in the family to get involved unlike other challenges that focus mainly on alcohol abstinence. For the family you could choose to take a break from sweet treats for February, or maybe you could ban social media?

Whatever it is you need to take a break from, make February the month that you’ll try to give it up and head to where you can find all further details.

What would you give up for Febfast?