Fly a red balloon for Bacchus Marsh’s fireys

Whats-On1Everyone living in Bacchus Marsh knows the importance of our local fire fighters and the hard work that they put in to keep our community safe.

So as part of national Red Balloon Day on Saturday 28 February everybody is being asked to show their support to our fireys by flying a red balloon from their mailbox.

By flying a red balloon you will be letting our local fire fighters know that you appreciate the support they offer the community and if you buy Red Balloon Day merchandise or make a donation to the cause, you will also be helping with the purchase of additional equipment that brigades can then use to combat fires.

To purchase your balloons or merchandise, or to make a donation, simply head to

Profits from the website will go to the state from which the item was purchased.

Will you be flying a red balloon in Bacchus Marsh for the fireys on Red Balloon Day?