Cheap home renovation ideas

We all know that renovating can be expensive, and whether you’re an owner-occupier or an investor, you probably want to keep your renovation costs as low as you can while ultimately still improving the value of your property.tool-belt

So if you’re not rolling in dough and would like to know how to improve your property for less then you might consider the following:

1. Replacing flooring

A lot of people think that new floors are expensive, but they can be replaced cheaply if you’re willing to compromise on materials.

Lino can be a good option if you want to keep costs down. You might be surprised at how much better a room can look with laminate flooring placed on top of something like daggy old tiles.

Laminate can start from as little as $20/sqm, so the size of your room will dictate the cost, but this is definitely a good option if you need to cover up an existing floor.

Alternatively if you have out-dated carpets or lino then look underneath, if you’re lucky you might have beautiful wooden floorboards hiding below.

2. Re-surfacing tiles

Tile resurfacing is a good option for those who have tiles that are in good condition, but are a daggy colour like pink or green.

When you get your tiles resurfaced, someone comes and sprays everything in your bathroom that you want to change – your tiles, bath, vanity, floors – everything! A big bathroom will be more expensive to resurface than a small one, but it’s still likely to come in a lot cheaper than retiling and refitting the whole bathroom.

3. Pressure cleaning the exterior

Before you consider re-painting your house, first ask yourself whether a good pressure clean could brighten up your house instead.

Pressure clean the roof, walls, windows and pavement to reach all that hard to reach dirt, and if all goes well your home will look as good as new without the need for re-painting.

4. Repainting doors and replacing handles

Whether it’s a bedroom door or a kitchen cupboard, sometimes all it needs to look new again is a fresh coat of paint. For the kitchen, you might not need to do anything to the cupboard doors, but adding new handles can instantly update your kitchen’s style. If your cabinetry is in bad shape, new doors may not be that expensive, just make sure to shop around to find a good deal.

5. Clean, clean, clean!

Sometimes the simplest things make the biggest difference. Consider hiring a professional cleaner and possibly a gardener too, to clean and tidy up the inside and outside of your property. If your floors are in bad condition it’s also worth getting your carpets steam cleaned to get rid of any stains – you might find that some things don’t need replacing if they can be made to sparkle again.

Do you have any more tips for renovating on the cheap?