Gardening tips for spring sellers in Bacchus Marsh

Spring-FlowerSpring is upon us again and as always there are plenty of people out in their gardens getting ready for a spring sale.

If you would like to start making the most of the weather and are looking to create a beautiful spring garden but don’t know where to start then help is here!

We have provided a few garden tips to help rejuvenate Bacchus Marsh gardens for the spring:

  • Get outside and mow lawns and prune back any plants that have flowered over winter.

  • Start weeding and you might even discover some beautiful plants hiding amongst the nasty ones that aren’t meant to be there.

  • It might be a good idea to lay fertiliser to help improve the health and promote the growth of your plants and lawns. Remember to skip this step if you have an open home coming up.

  • Spring could be the perfect opportunity to plant your favourite herbs. You can create a herb garden out back, or maybe just a couple of potted plants inside to use in your cooking and spring salads.

  • While you’re outside you might also like to plant some new seeds for plants that will be ready to bloom in summer.

We’re sure there are plenty more ideas out there to get Bacchus Marsh gardens blooming this spring. If you have any tips then feel free to share them at Ian McDonald’s Facebook page.