How to reduce your electricity bills this winter

How to reduce your electricity bills this winterIf you’re looking to reduce your electricity bills this winter then the easiest way to achieve this is by cutting back on home heating.

Sure, it’s easier said than done when it’s freezing outside, but there are a few simple things you can do to help keep your home warm without resorting to using a heater.

Check your home for drafts – To help keep your home nice and toasty in winter, you’ll need to prevent those winter drafts from getting in.

Check your home’s doors and windows for air leaks. If there are any leaks you may want to seal them with caulk or plastic, or at least use a towel or sheet to prevent the cold air from getting in. Covering your windows with thick curtains can help too.

Utilise the sun’s warmth – Open curtains up on a sunny winter’s day to let in as much sunshine as possible. You should also make sure the sun is hitting the outside of your house to help provide natural heat Remove anything that might be leaning against your exterior walls and preventing the sunlight from reaching your home (although at night time these items can provide an extra barrier against the cold).

Consider installing insulation – Insulation helps keep the heat inside your home. If you’re thinking about getting it installed, it is most effective in the ceiling because heat rises, so this is where a lot of heat will escape.

Close rooms that aren’t in use – It is much easier to heat a small area than a large one, and closed rooms create an extra barrier between you and the cold outdoors.

Cook warm winter meals – Using your home’s oven helps dry the air in the house and heat up the kitchen. Best of all you get a yummy home cooked meal afterwards that can help warm you from the inside too.

Drink Warm Beverages – Holding a hot cup of tea, coffee or cocoa will definitely help you feel warmer. If you’re after a more savoury option, try having a hot soup or stew instead.

Layer Up – It’s no secret that the more clothes you wear, the warmer you will be. If you’re feeling cold, add an extra layer of jumpers, socks or tights. At night you can also add extra blankets on your bed for added warmth.

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