Tips to help you save on your next grocery bill

Tips to help you save on your next grocery billA lot of families in Bacchus Marsh have been trying to “tighten their belts” of late and one of the best ways to do this is to shave a few dollars off of the weekly grocery bill.

A useful website to find tips on keeping the grocery bill down is Grocer Watch, which compares prices between Aldi, Coles and Woolworths and also shares some of the tricks that grocery stores use to influence buyer decisions.

This week we thought we would share some of Grocer Watch’s tips with everyone in Bacchus Marsh and hopefully help reduce a few grocery bills.

1. Don’t try to fill your whole shopping cart – Shopping carts are getting larger because apparently they help encourage people to buy more. So next time you head to the shops try to get away with a basket instead.

2. Check the items you buy most when comparison shopping – A lot of shoppers tend to compare the prices on milk, bread, bananas and eggs, however shoppers will be able to make better shopping comparisons when looking at more items, and ones that are more specific to their shopping list.

3. Ask store employees if there are any complimentary add-ons – You’ll be surprised what you can get by simply asking. Your baker can slice a loaf of bread for you, and your florist will often throw in free greenery to go with your flowers. As is often said – ask and you will receive.

4. Ask for discounts on products about to expire – If you notice any meat or bread items that are almost due to expire then it is worth asking an employee if it’s possible to get a discount.

5. Check prices before buying in bulk – A lot of shoppers assume that buying larger or multipack products is cheaper, but sometimes a smaller or individual item is better value. Always check item prices to see if you’re getting a good deal.

For more grocery saving tips head to, or feel free to share your own.