Tips for creating the ideal home office

creating the ideal home officeTechnology is allowing more people to work from home than ever before, but if you’re hoping to be productive then it’s important to create a functional working environment where you can escape your domestic duties and focus on the tasks at hand, so this week we have provided some tips to help our readers do just that:

Designate a work area and stick to it – choose a quiet area where you can have some privacy and work in peace. It is easy to become distracted at home by the TV, dirty dishes or that pile of washing you have to get through. Find yourself a corner or preferably a room where you can set up a desk and where you will hopefully be able to focus solely on your work.

Invest in a comfortable office chair – if you work from home a lot then you need to consider your comfort and your long-term health. Visit your nearest office supplies store and find a chair that will be comfortable to sit in for long periods of time and that will offer you the body support that you need. Foot rests, ergonomic mouse instruments and soft keypads can also help make you more comfortable.

Don’t forget though, that even if you have the most comfortable chair in the world, you shouldn’t stay sitting for long periods of time and it is recommended to take regular breaks to stretch and walk around.

Organise your documents and office materials – any office environment should be organised, and this includes home offices. Consider investing in folders or storage boxes if you need these to keep track of office documents. If you have a lot of online documents then consider spending a few hours organising these too, you will feel much better for it and it means you will save time down the track when you’re searching for something.

If there is any other special equipment you need to carry out your work (i.e. printers, better lighting or internet) then these could be well worth investing in too.

Add your personality – working doesn’t need to be dull. Create a vibrant workspace filled with colour and things that will make you happy. For example you might like to add photos to your desk, cat posters, or a funny pen – anything that will help make your work environment a more inviting place to be.