Homebuyer turnoffs and how to fix them

Homebuyer turnoffsIf your property has been on the Bacchus Marsh real estate market longer then you’d like, then it’s possible it’s because you haven’t paid attention to how your home is being presented.

As a real estate agency we will always try to convey the best features of a property, but there are some things that buyers find it hard to look past. The good news though, is that these are often easily fixed.

So for those who are looking for help to sell their home faster, here are some common buyer turnoffs and how to fix them:

Unconventional colour choices – While you might love your colourful feature wall or your retro 70s wallpaper, there’s a good chance that not everyone will. For a safe colour scheme safe, opt for neutral whites or beiges. Sure not everyone will like these colours either, but they’re unlikely to cause any strong negative reactions.

Strange smells – Not only is a smelly house unpleasant but it can also signal issues with the house such as mould or rotting wood. Obviously if there is something in your house causing a smell then this should be fixed right away, but you can also help your home smell nice by adding fresh flowers, baking cookies or washing linen.

Clutter – Even though your clutter will all be gone when the next property owner moves in, it can still be a big turnoff for buyers and can sometimes be a symptom of an issue with the property such as lack of storage, or an odd-shaped room. If you can’t find anywhere to hide your clutter, you might like to consider hiring storage space or leaving large items at a friends place while your property is on the market.

Unkempt lawns – First impressions count! If lawns haven’t been mowed or are overgrown with weeds then people may think that the property hasn’t been well maintained, so get out there and tidy up the garden and make sure that potential buyers are making the right first impressions.

Water and mildew stains – These are big warning signs for potential buyers and may signal serious problems that need to be fixed. If there are any strange stains on your floors or walls then find the source of the problem and fix this as well as the stains.

General uncleanliness – Potential buyers like to picture themselves living in a property, and this picture doesn’t look so good when it has dirty dishes or unclean bathrooms in it. If you can, try to clean and tidy your home as much as possible before any property inspections.

If anyone is after anymore tips or advice about selling their home then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of the team at Professionals Arbee Real Estate in Bacchus Marsh.