The Art of Upcycling

UpcyclingBefore you go to throw anything away, why not ask yourself if it could be repurposed in a different way?

Upcycling has become the latest trend in interior decorating as many look for new ways to not only save money but to also help reduce environmental waste.

To upcycle is similar to recycling, except that the original item is transformed into something new and different.

There’s a chance that you’ve already tried out the art of upcycling in your home. Perhaps you use an old ladder as a shelf, or have turned an old glass bottle into a pendent light?

The possibilities are endless, and often times the repurposed items can become much more valuable than what it was to begin with.

So take a look around your home and ask yourself if there is anything that could take on a new lease of life. Or rethink your choices when shopping for something new – could a few tweaks or a new lick of paint make help make an ordinary looking object a little more unique or special?

If you’re looking for some upcycling inspiration, there are plenty of web pages full of creative ideas. Some of our favourites are, and

At Professionals Arbee Real Estate in Bacchus Marsh we would love to hear if anyone in the local area has tried their hands at upcycling – do you have any tips or ideas for others?