What are Bacchus Marsh buyers looking for?

Bacchus Marsh buyersHomebuyers are interested in properties for a variety of reasons, but there tend to be a few key features in homes that can make them stand out.

While there are some things that buyers look for in a property that can’t be easily fixed (for example, the neighbourhood it’s located in) there are other things that you can be fixed before selling to help bring more buyers to your front door.

So for those who want to know what buyers are looking for – here are the top five:

Open floor plans – Gone are the days where kitchens where hidden away in a small nook of the house. Most homebuyers today look for home layouts where the kitchen, living and dining areas are all incorporated together to create one big light and airy space.

Sometimes an open plan layout can be achieved by simply knocking out a wall, however make sure you get advice and permission from the local council and a builder and structural engineer before proceeding with the removal of any walls in your home.

Hardwood floors and fresh paint – Wacky paint colours and old carpets can be big buyer turnoffs. A fresh coat of paint and polished hardwood floors help make a home feel clean and fresh and are very appealing to buyers.

If you currently have carpet in your home, check underneath as there might be beautiful hardwood floors hiding below.

Curb appeal – A house’s front yard is its biggest advertisement. Buyers will create an instant opinion on your property based on aspects such as the fence of how well the front yard is kept and maintained.

Luckily you can add instant curb appeal by cleaning and tidying up the front yard, and fixing any issues with the fence.

Modern kitchens and bathrooms – A lot of buyers want homes that are perfect and ready to be moved in right away, and a dated kitchen and bathroom can be seen as something that will need fixing before that can happen.

It might not be worth fixing up a kitchen or bathroom before selling, but if they are then they can be huge drawcards.

Air-conditioning – Bacchus Marsh can be hot in summer and cold in winter and so a lot of buyers will look out for some kind of air-conditioning system. Reverse-cycle air-conditioners are often popular.

Your property can also have extra appeal if it has one or more of the following:

  • Smart home features
  • Carrie Bradshaw wardrobes and lots of storage space
  • A good office space
  • Fireplace
  • Pool and/or spa
  • Outdoor entertaining
  • Room for kids/pets to run around
  • Multiple bathrooms

It’s important to note that there are many factors that can effect property prices and buyer interest, so if you want professional advice about the best way to go about selling your property then please don’t hesitate to give one of the friendly team at Professionals Arbee Real Estate in Bacchus Marsh a call today.