Victoria’s Plan to Tackle Mobile Phone Black Spots

Mobile Phone Black Spots Have you ever gotten annoyed because you can’t get mobile phone reception in Bacchus Marsh? Well hopefully local mobile black spots will become a thing of the past thanks to a new initiative from the state government.

Victoria will be spending $40 million on the Victorian Mobile Black Spots Initiative, which will provide voice, text, 3G/4G data services and the ability to receive emergency alerts in areas that are currently without coverage. This is in addition to the Mobile Coverage Programme, being delivered by the federal government.

The state government are working with mobile phone carriers to figure out where Victoria’s mobile black spots are located, and this information will be cross-referenced with areas that have high population numbers and are at risk of natural disasters to figure out priority areas.

It has yet to be decided which areas will receive funding, but a lot of areas in Victoria are likely to benefit. A decision will be made by 2015 when new mobile phone towers will begin construction.

Part of the funding will also go towards providing free wi-fi on the the Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Seymour and Traralgon V/Line services, and possibly extending this to further services down the track.

I’m sure many in Bacchus Marsh would like to see mobile black spots improved in the area. There’s nothing worse than breaking down somewhere where you can’t get mobile coverage, and it can be extremely frustrating for business too.

A few areas in Bacchus Marsh have been identified as being mobile black spots, so hopefully the new funding will see these fixed.

Have you noticed any mobile black spots in Bacchus Marsh or surrounds?