Train Fare Cuts for Bacchus Marsh Commuters

Bacchus Marsh CommutersBacchus Marsh’s regular train commuters will be happy to hear that train fares will be cheaper from next year.

Changes have been made to the rail network pricing structure and as of January 1st 2015 those who currently purchase a zone 1 and 2 ticket will only have to pay the price for a zone 1 fare.

Anybody who catches a train from Rockbank, Melton or Bacchus Marsh train station will benefit from the new pricing structure.

The changes will mean big savings for regular commuters to Melbourne.  The savings will equal about $5 a day, or $1200 a year!

While we’re sure everyone will be happy to pay the lower fares to travel to Melbourne, there are some concerns that the lower prices will make trains more crowded than they already are. Hopefully if this does happen though, that it will force the rail network to increase train frequency to Bacchus Marsh… but we will just have to wait and see.

Are you a regular commuter to Melbourne from Bacchus Marsh? Are you happy to hear that fares will be dropping?