Weekend projects that can improve your property

Weekend projectsIf you have time to spare on the weekends there are plenty of things you can do around the house that can help improve the value of your property, as well as providing you with a fun project.

If you want to choose a project that will have the biggest impact on the overall look and feel of your property, here are some ideas:

Repainting – Painting is a cheap and easy way to update a home and make it feel like new again. If you haven’t painted before, check out some DIY videos online, and maybe practice in a smaller room before you move onto painting larger areas.

Cleaning up gardens – Gardening is another easy way to improve your home’s appeal. Start by giving your garden a general tidy-up and pruning trees and shrubs. Then you might like to jazz up your garden by replacing your mailbox or getting new street numbers. If your garden is looking a little bare then you might like to find some new plants too.

De-cluttering – It’s amazing the difference a weekend of ruthless de-cluttering can make. Go through your home and cupboards and throw away all of those things you could probably live without. It can be tough but you will feel so much better when everything in your home is orderly and you have extra space again.

Adding new fittings and fixtures – Small things can often make a big difference to the look and feel of a place. To modernise your home consider changing things like curtains, door and cupboard handles or tap ware.

Don’t forget the small stuff – If something is broken in your home, like a leaking tap or a broken drawer, then get onto it sooner rather than later. You will feel better for it and it could prevent bigger problems later on.

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