Kitchen Design Rules

Kitchen Design RulesIf you’ve been watching the Block as we have then you would have noticed that the contestants recently completed their kitchens, and there were some things they got right and some things they got very wrong.

Designing a kitchen can be tricky, you want to make sure it’s a functional work area while also being aesthetically appealing and inviting, because after all the kitchen is the heart and soul of a home.

So what kitchen rules should you remember to stick to so you don’t end up with a utensils draw at the wrong end of the room?

The work triangle – this is the first aspect to think about when designing a kitchen. When creating a kitchen you want to place the refrigerator, sink and primary cooking surface in a triangle with the shortest walking distance from each other (but not too short). Read this for a further explanation.

Kitchen zones – when it comes to thinking about where to put your cabinets and appliances, you might like to think about your kitchen in terms of work zones (while also taking the triangle into consideration).

  • Cooking zone – you don’t want to be crossing a kitchen with hot pots and pans so make sure that there is an area near cooktops where you can place hot items.
  • Washing zone – you want an area that is designated for cleaning up. It helps if your sink is also near the fridge and hob for food preparation. You probably also want to have a bin nearby.
  • Storage zone – you need an area to keep all your food. A lot of people like to place the pantry/food cupboard near their fridge. You might also like a bench near food storage areas to make unpacking groceries easier.

Walking traffic – when designing a kitchen you need to consider where people will be walking in the area. Avoid placing kitchens in main household walkways if you can, and make sure that people won’t need to walk through the kitchen work triangle.

Cabinet doors – When designing your kitchen cabinetry, be aware of where doors open out to, and try to avoid doors that open into walls, especially if you have protruding door handles.

Fridge space – When people move houses there is often issues with their fridge fitting into the space provided. Try to provide as much space for a fridge as you can, so that the majority of fridges will work in the space.

Lots of storage – You can never have enough storage in a kitchen. If your kitchen only has a little bit of space for cabinets, you can add extra storage with the addition of floating shelves or hooks. Visit kitchen showrooms for clever storage ideas.

Overall everyone needs to work with the space that they have and sometimes design principles need to be compromised for the best possible outcome. If you’re unsure about how to design your kitchen there are plenty of resources available online, but it also helps to talk to a kitchen design expert to make sure you design the right kitchen for your home.

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