Get to know your Bacchus Marsh Neighbours

Bacchus Marsh NeighboursIf you haven’t said hello to your neighbours yet then maybe it’s time!

On the last Sunday of this month it will be Neighbour Day, a day that encourages everyone to get to know the people that live in their local community.

According to the Neighbour Day website there are 5 principle aims of Neighbour Day. They are:

1. Strengthen communities and build better relationships with the people who live around us.

2. Create safer, healthier and more vibrant suburbs and towns.

3. Promote tolerance, respect and understanding.

4. Break down community barriers.

5. Protect the elderly, the vulnerable and the disadvantaged.

Neighbour Day is an event that we should all embrace for the benefit of the Bacchus Marsh community, because if anything ever goes wrong, your neighbours are the ones who will always be on hand to help you when you need them.

So for Neighbour Day this year, why not get the people in your neighbourhood together for a BBQ or a street party, and help make your community a friendlier and safer place to live.

Do you know your neighbours in Bacchus Marsh? What could you do to make your community a friendlier place?