Celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Bacchus Marsh

St Patrick’s Day in Bacchus Marsh If you head out in Bacchus Marsh this weekend you’re likely to notice a bit of green about as locals embrace the ways of the Irish and celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

St Patrick’s Day is officially held on Monday 17 March, but since St Patrick’s Day festivities normally involve a pint or two of Guinness, most people will be celebrating over the weekend.

In fact so much Guinness is reportedly drunk during Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations each year that Guinness sales figures are reported to double during this time.

But even if Guinness isn’t your favourite brew, you can also celebrate St Patrick’s Day with a splash of green or with some Irish music and dancing. Or you might enjoy a traditional Irish breakfast on St Patrick’s Day, complete with a slice of black pudding.

More than 70 million people from around the world descend from Irish backgrounds, but whether you can claim Irish ancestry or not, St Patrick’s Day is for everyone to enjoy.

So why not embrace your inner-Irish this weekend and head out in Bacchus Marsh this weekend for celebrate Ireland’s Patron Saint?

Will you be celebrating St Patrick’s Day this weekend? Do you know of any St Patrick’s Day events happening in Bacchus Marsh?