Styling Tips from The Block

The BlockIf you’ve been following our blog then you’ll know that we’re big fans of the latest series of The Block and have been picking up some great tips and ideas for the home.

On Monday night’s episode there was a big focus on how to style rooms, and on realising when a room has too many style statements going on.

Judge Darren Palmer told The Fans to focus on one key piece in a room, as too many key pieces can confuse the eye and ruin the statement that you’re trying to make.

When updating our own homes we should think about the statement pieces in our rooms and ask ourselves if there are too many things on the walls or if we even need anything on the walls if there is furniture or other elements that are making a statement of their own.

A few other Block takeaways:

  • Choose colours and textures that contrast and complement each other. For example, natural elements like timber go well with steel and cement.
  • Introduce flowers and greenery to bring life into a room.
  • Books are for more than just reading; they can also make a place feel lived in. Consider using books to bring some character into your home.
  • Empty spaces and walls are important, so ask yourself if there are enough empty spaces in your home.

At the end of the day though, our homes are all about expressing our individuality, and if we like how it looks, that’s what really matters right?

For more home styling tips stay tuned to The Block or feel free to search through our blog for lots more home-styling ideas.