Locals told to keep clear of Bacchus Marsh CFA Exits

No BannedThe Bacchus Marsh CFA have been doing an amazing job in helping to battle the bushfires that have been wreaking havoc in our local region and it’s extremely important that we don’t get in their way when they need to respond to an emergency.

There have been reports of vehicles blocking the way of firefighters at the Bacchus Marsh CFA station, which in turn has delayed fire crews. There has even been a case where someone has parked their car in a CFA-only car park and caused a collision with a brigade member.

Every second counts in an emergency and so by blocking vehicles entering or exiting the CFA station you could potentially be causing major delays and preventing people from getting help when they need it. So let’s all steer clear of the Bacchus Marsh CFA station and let them do their job.

Hopefully the local community has been keeping safe and well away from the bushfires as well as the local CFA station. For those who would like to stay up-to-date with all emergency information you can visit www.cfa.vic.gov.au or www.emergency.vic.gov.au.

Source: Melton and Moorabool Weekly