Preparing for summer inspections

summer 1Throughout the year we’ve posted various tips on preparing your Bacchus Marsh home for open homes and inspections.  However, we thought it might be worthwhile giving a few extra tips for presenting your home in the summer months, as making the right first impression is crucial when selling in a hot Bacchus Marsh market.

  • When possible, open up your house as much as possible to let in the fresh air.  When hosting an inspection in the heat, there’s little worse than walking into a house that’s been closed up all day.  If you’re serious about selling, and you want buyers to fall in love with your home, it makes sense to make the house as fresh and comfortable as possible so they’ll want to stay.  Open up the windows and let the summer breezes flow through.
  • Get rid of any smells, laundry and pets.  This sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people leave pet’s blankets, beds, toys and dishes out for buyers to see and smell.  Dirty laundry is another huge turn off.  In fact, anything that might take away from the fresh smell of summer needs to go!
  • If you have a cooler, this is the perfect opportunity to show it off!  When you’re selling it’s important to put your home’s best features at the forefront of buyers’ minds, so demonstrating how easy it is to stay cool and comfortable should be priority one on a hot day.  Just make sure you don’t leave people shivering – a comfortable living room should bear no resemblance to the refrigerator.
  • Make sure your gardens are in top shape.  While you may be able to hide flaws in the gardens during winter, when buyers don’t want to spend too much time poking around in the cold winds and rain, we often see buyers spending as much time outdoors as they do indoors during summer inspections.  Do you have a great entertainment area, kids play area, or enough space for a good game of backyard cricket?  Make the most of your outdoor haven by setting the outdoor table as if you’re ready for a summer bbq, put the wickets and cricket set in place to show how much fun you could be having scoring a summer ton,  or leave a few kids toys out in the sand box.  Creating an enviable scene will likely do more for buyers’ first impressions than simply standing back admiring an expanse of empty lawn.
  • Finally, why not leave a jug of iced water and cups on the bench for buyers to help themselves?  It may just keep them around for longer, and will certainly leave a positive impression.

If you’re thinking of selling over the summer months, we encourage you to contact our team at Professionals Arbee Real Estate.  We’d love to share our knowledge of the Bacchus Marsh market, and all our tips for maximising your home’s worth.