Get wrapped up in staying green this Christmas

wrapping paperWhile you’re busily stashing presents away in cupboards, or hiding them in secret places to avoid curious eyes this Christmas, we thought it wouldn’t hurt to share a  little environmentally friendly gift wrapping tip with you.  We all know foil and plastic based wrapping papers are the most damaging to the environment as they can’t be recycled, but we also know that supermarkets are lined with them, making them a cheap and convenient option.

Our team at Professionals care a lot about keeping waste to a minimum at Christmas, and throughout the year, so we thought we’d give you a few more options that are far friendlier to our beautiful planet.  If you would like to help keep things green this festive season, try these alternatives to the glossy wrappings:

  • Use any wrapping paper you have left over from last year before buying any new rolls.
  • Opt for recycled paper whenever you have the choice.
  • Use alternative paper you have in your home – some people get creative with newspapers, comics, or even decorated shoe boxes.
  • Children’s drawings make fantastic wrapping paper.  Buy some plain sheets of recycled and let the kids at them with textas, crayons, glitter, or whatever their craft little hearts desire.
  • Recycle your used wrapping paper.  Either use old wrapping paper again, or cut out the prints to make your own gift tags.

If you want to help reduce waste this Christmas, we urge you to think about what you’re wrapping all your gifts in this year.  And when you’re being dazzled by the shiny, glossy wrappings in the store, remember, it’s what’s inside that counts.