Experience the gift of giving at the Kmart Wishing Tree

Kmart wishing treeWe know that a huge part of Christmas for many Bacchus Marsh youngsters is waking up to see what Santa has left under the Christmas tree.  In fact, if you have a child under 10 and you’re not woken up before sunrise to excited shrieks or a small person jumping on your bed shooting you with their new water pistol, you may not believe it’s actually December 25.

While our team at Professionals love seeing the beaming faces of children across Bacchus Marsh, we also encourage all Bacchus Marsh residents to spare a thought for those less fortunate.  Christmas is not a fun or joyous time for all families, and unfortunately many children wake up Christmas morning without anything to get excited about.  For this reason, we’d love to see Bacchus Marsh residents and families getting involved in the beautiful initiative that is the Kmart Wishing Tree.

Every year, Kmart Melton allows people from across Bacchus Marsh to experience the gift of giving.  To get involved, simply take a tag from the tree, fill in the appropriate age and gender for the gift you are leaving, and place the tag with your gift under the wishing tree.  The presents don’t need to be purchased from Kmart, in fact they can even be handmade if you’re crafty or have a knack for creating lovely gifts.

As an alternative to donating a gift, you can also make a cash contribution at any Kmart store register, or place spare change in the coin collection boxes located at the check outs. These contributions are converted into Kmart gift cards and distributed by The Salvation Army to recipients, allowing them to choose their own Christmas gift.

We have spoken to several parents who teach their children about the gift of giving by visiting the Kmart wishing tree every year.  We think this is a wonderful idea, and hope to see a very full wishing tree this year at Kmart.