We’re sending our wishes to all those under threat across NSW

NSW bushfires 1The bushfires sweeping across NSW are nothing short of devastating.  Our hearts go out to all those affected, both directly and indirectly, by the fires.  We also can’t stop thinking about the brave fire fighters working tirelessly to put out the blaze, and their families.

As we hear of communities evacuating and of the destruction being left in the wake of these active fires, spare a minute to consider just what it is that’s important to you.  We’re sure that there will be many families across NSW losing their homes and possessions from these fires, and we’ve already tragically heard of heart breaking losses of life from the fires.

At times like this it pays to take a step back from the pile of paperwork on your desk, put your mobile, laptop and iPad aside, and think about what matters the most to you – is it a promotion you’re fighting for, a pay rise, a commission… or is it time with your family friends and loved ones?

It’s a time of absolute concern for those in the line of fire, but also for those of us out of harm’s way to take a moment to appreciate what’s important in life.