Why are you on Facebook?

facebook-share-buttonIt seems that nearly everyone we know and meet is on Facebook, many spending more time on Facebook than perhaps they’d care to admit.  As you’re probably aware, our Professionals Arbee Real Estate team run the Ian McDonald Facebook page, and we’re always trying to find things to write about that will of interest to our friends and readers.  So we’d love to hear from you, and find out what it is that you log in on Facebook for.

Do you turn to Facebook as a means of staying in touch; is it where you go to play games and indulge in apps; or is it where you go to catch up on the news of others?  How much time do you spend on Facebook?  How likely are you to read blog posts found on Facebook?  When it comes to community pages, what sort of information typically sparks your interest?  We’d love to know your thoughts.

Please share with us in the comments below, and help us to improve the blogs we’re writing and content we’re sharing – Let us tailor our content to you.