R U Ok? Day in Bacchus Marsh

r u okThis Thursday, September 12, is a nationally recognised day when we all turn to our neighbours and ask, “Are you okay?”  R U Ok? Day is a not for profit organisation encouraging all people to regularly and meaningfully ask ‘are you okay?’ to support those struggling with life.  We all have times when things get tough, and R U Ok? Day is a great reminder to look out for each other and regularly check in to make sure your family, friends and colleagues are doing okay.

As well as simply asking the question, there are loads of other fantastic things R U Ok? Day brings about.  There are some great fundraising ideas and tips on the R U Ok? Day website.  There’s also some great Merchandise to purchase, and Support Resources for those in need of help.

R U Ok? Day is also a great time to take a minute out, take a deep breath and reflect on what’s really important in your own life.  We live in such a vibrant community with so many wonderful things to do and see, yet many of us get caught up in the messier aspects of our lives, whether it be financial issues, relationships or other complications.  This is the perfect opportunity to think about what really matters, and potentially take the all important first step of asking for help.

Our Professionals Arbee Real Estate team would like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone in our wonderful Bacchus Marsh community to take the time this week to support R U Ok? Day.  Whether that means organising your own fundraiser, making a donation, or just checking in with those around you to offer support, it’s a great reminder for everyone to look after those around us.

How will you celebrate R U Ok? Day in Bacchus Marsh?