We are the ‘I Love Bacchus Marsh’ team…

Professionals StarWe have been running the ‘I Love Bacchus Marsh’ page for a while now, and have been thrilled to see it gaining popularity, particularly over the past 12 months.  We’d like to thank you, our wonderful Bacchus Marsh community, for getting behind our page, liking and sharing our stories, sharing your opinions and comments, and even just reading and enjoying our stories.  Now, seeing as we have recently had quite a few new followers, we thought we’d introduce ourselves.

Our team at Professionals Arbee Real Estate started this community page hoping to provide our Bacchus Marsh community with some interesting news and upcoming events, lifestyle stories, and helpful real estate tips to simplify your next real estate move, whether you’re renting, buying, investing or selling.  We all chip in with ideas, and search around for things we think will be of interest to you as you read your Facebook feed or receive your email as a subscriber to our ‘I Love Bacchus Marsh’ blog.  It’s definitely a team effort, and we love feeling as though we’re contributing to our community with a page that you will find relevant.

By day we sell and manage real estate, but we think our service should go beyond an exchange of money at each transaction.  We think that promoting Bacchus Marsh on social media gives something back to our community, helps new residents to Bacchus Marsh settle into the area, and hopefully entertains a few people as well.  But of course we’d love to tailor our community page to better suit you, our readers, so we’d love you to let us know the type of stories you’d like us to write about.

Would you like school holiday ideas, upcoming events, news about local sporting clubs, places to go out, or something entirely different?  This is a community page for you, so please let us know what you want.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy our community page.  Please keep liking, sharing and commenting on our stories, and feel free to share the page with your friends.  We have 78 likes on Facebook.  Please help us get to our next target of 100 Facebook likes so we can start reaching more people in our Bacchus Marsh community.