It’s Grand Final Week!

Football AFLHere in Bacchus Marsh we’re sure there are many fans and families getting ready for their Grand Final BBQs and parties.  It’s a fun week for footy fans, regardless of whether your team has made it to the final two or not. Little else in the sporting world compares to the hype and excitement we feel as Grand Final Day unfolds, beginning with the Grand Final breakfast, through all the pre-game entertainment to the opening bounce, and then culminating in a celebration of epic proportions as the winners hold the premiership cup aloft.

So just what will you be doing this Grand Final Day, and which colours will you be wearing?  We know lots of Bacchus Marsh families get together with friends on Grand Final Day, whether it be watching on the big screens at the pub or at home with a BBQ.  If your team is playing you’ll naturally be starting to feel very nervous, and can probably think of little else as the weekend draws closer.  .  And even if your team isn’t playing, we know most people jump on the bandwagon of a team so that you can spend the day cheering.  Often, as Aussies, we tend to pick the underdog – but of course there are lots of reasons to jump on or off board with a team come Grand Final Day.  Maybe they beat your team during the year, or perhaps they have a player you love to watch or a coach you really admire?

Please let us know – where will you be watching the game, and who will you be barracking for this Grand Final Day?