Bacchus Marsh residents, what would you be willing to give up?

chocolate cakeIf you want to start saving money to put towards a new Bacchus Marsh home, you may need to start thinking about what parts of your lifestyle you’re willing to make sacrifices on.

The Mortgage Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) have conducted a survey to find out exactly what potential buyers are willing to give up, in order to buy a new home.

Some of the most popular lifestyle changes are eating out less often and taking lunch to work.  Other sacrifices that featured heavily were buying food in bulk, trolling supermarket aisles in search for ‘specials’, and taking cheaper holidays.  Smaller sacrifices include not getting that pair of shoes or coffee and cake you might have been craving.

It seems that first home buyers in Bacchus Marsh are making a range of sacrifices to come up with their deposit, and it’s amazing to see how giving up those few relatively small luxuries each week can add up very quickly.  This prompted us to wonder what Bacchus Marsh residents would be willing to give up to free up a little extra cash each month, or save up for a home deposit or much needed holiday.

What would you be willing to give up for extra savings?