How does Federal politics affect our Bacchus Marsh real estate market?

Real estate questionsLeadership spills and upcoming elections may play havoc with TV schedules and overtake news headlines, but what effect does Federal Politics actually have on Bacchus Marsh residents’ big real estate decisions?

It seems many people think that a new leader or Prime Minister will instantly throw the real estate industry into some sort of turmoil, and therefore they hold off from making key decisions such as buying or selling Bacchus Marsh real estate until after an election is held.  This type of thinking used to make sense – two very different sides of politics with opposing policy ideas competing for the endorsement of leading the country, and the result could potentially have a very real effect on property prices and market conditions.  However, these days things are a little different.

It seems that neither political party is taking a stand-out policy to the election that will significantly benefit or hinder the property market.  While Australians are renowned for a little procrastination from time to time, we’re certainly not silly!  When an election is unlikely to rock the property market boat, interest rates are at an all time low, and variable mortgage loans can be found at rates of under 5%, the time to pull out the cheque book now!

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