Are Compulsory Swimming Lessons A Bacchus Marsh Necessity? Have Your Say…

Whether your own home has a backyard pool, you’re planning a beach holiday, or you’re a regular at Croydon Leisure and Aquatic Centre, you’re bound to spend much of this summer in the water.  This poses a very real and relevant question to all Bacchus Marsh real estate owners and renters; do our Bacchus Marsh children need to learn how to swim?

With the weather heating up, it’s a good time to consider your stance on compulsory swimming lessons for primary school children.  While undeniably worthwhile, the expense of private swimming lessons has unfortunately made them unaffordable for many residents throughout the Bacchus Marsh region.  The latest push is for all Victorian primary schools to introduce compulsory swimming lessons, in an attempt to curb the massive 25 per cent increase in drowning of young people aged between 15 and 24 years old in the past decade.

A new online petition has been launched.  All Bacchus Marsh real estate owners, long-term residents and first time renters are encouraged to go online and pledge their support for mandatory swimming lessons.  The petition will be taken to politicians, asking for their support in throwing water safety education back into the spotlight.

If you have children attending Bacchus Marsh Primary School, St Bernard’s Primary School, Darley Primary School, Pentland Primary School, or another primary school in the Bacchus Marsh region, or you’re just a concerned Bacchus Marsh resident, you may like to consider visiting and joining the growing online petition.

Let us know your thoughts on the possible introduction of compulsory swimming lessons in primary schools.  Would you be willing to pledge your support on the petition?  Do you view this as a worthwhile cause?