Tired of Your Pool? Why Not Turn It Into a Pond?

Pools are expensive, not only to install but to keep running. Ongoing maintenance costs and a constant need to keep the water clean can cause some pool owners to make the choice to get rid of them.

Instead of clearing away the pool altogether though, one option that some take when they decide they no longer want a pool, is to turn it into a pond.

Transforming a pool into a pond is a much cheaper option than filling the pool in, and it costs much less than a pool to keep running.

Having a pond as opposed to a pool can help save at least $1,000 a year on electricity alone and it also has a number of environmental benefits.

Local frogs, fish and plants can all benefit from having a source of clean water in the area and a pond is still safe for people to swim in too.

Swimming in a pond is similar to swimming in a creek, dam or even at the beach – it may not be as clear as a swimming pool but it can definitely still be used to take a dip. If you don’t like your new pond you can also decide to turn it back into pool as the conversion is reversible.

A pond can also create an attractive focal point in a backyard and will help keep value to your property. So if you are thinking about getting rid of your pool, then why not consider the option of turning it into a pond instead?