Bacchus Marsh Residents Encouraged to Ride to Work

A few Bacchus Marsh residents may have taken part in the recent Walk to Work Day event which took place on September 28, but now we are all being encouraged to take part in Ride2Work Day.

About 150,000 Australians are expected to leave their cars at home and ride their bicycles to work instead, when Ride2Walk takes place on Wednesday, October 17.

The aim of the event is to help show people the many benefits of riding into work each day.

One of the best benefits is the health benefit. Riding to work each day is a great way to fit regular exercise into your day and improve your general wellbeing.

Riding a bicycle to work instead of a car is also beneficial to the environment as it gets cars off of the roads.

While health and environmental factors are great reasons to get on your bike though, the reason that a lot of people ride to work is convenience.

Traffic around Bacchus Marsh can be painstaking during peak hours, and riding a bicycle is one way to avoid this. Riding a bike also makes it a lot easier to find parking spots.

For whatever reason, hopefully plenty of people in Bacchus Marsh choose to ride their bikes to work on October 17 and if you would like any further information about the event, you can visit