Bacchus Marsh Animal Lovers – Protect Your Pets This Spring

As the weather heats up here in Bacchus Marsh, we must all prepare ourselves for the arrival of snake and tick season.  While many Bacchus Marsh pet owners may already know that snake bites and ticks are most prevalent in the warmer months, many people aren’t aware that by following these few simple steps we can all help make our pets’ world a safer one.

Start by giving your yard a good tidy up.  Snakes are surprisingly shy and will likely move away if they can’t find a good hiding place, so make sure your lawns are mown, shrubs trimmed back, and piles of rubbish removed.  Leftover scraps of food will attract rodents, which will ultimately attract snakes, so get rid of your scraps and make sure bird seed isn’t left lying around.

If you and your dog love exercising at local Bacchus Marsh walking trails, remember it’s often our pet’s own curiosity that leads them to danger.  Always keep your dog on its lead and stick to wide open trails.  Steering your pet away from long grasses, rocks and bushy areas will help protect them from whatever may be lurking beneath the surface.

Here at Professionals Arbee Bacchus Marsh Real Estate we’d like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful local Bacchus Marsh veterinarians for the fantastic service they provide to all our beloved Bacchus Marsh pets during the warmer months as well as all year round.

For more information about walking trails in and around Bacchus Marsh, please visit the Moorabool Shire Council walking track page at