Removing Moving Stress Part 6 – The Day/s before the Big Move

You’ve packed, stressed and organised, and it’s now only a couple of days before your move.

The most important thing at this point in time is making sure that everything is ready to go on a truck, so it can be shipped to your new address. Even if there are other things left to do, they can probably wait as packing really is a priority right now.

Either two days or the night before your move you will need to remember to clean and defrost your fridge and freezer. Normally a fridge takes about 24 hours to dry out.

At this stage double check you have all your important items on you – such as wallets, phones and documents. Put these in a special place so they don’t get lost or packed away.

A day or two before your move is also a good time to pull bed frames apart and just sleep on a mattress for a couple of nights. The less you have to do on moving day the better.

If you have any rooms in the house that are completely packed up then start cleaning. You will need to do more cleaning after everything is out but it doesn’t hurt to get a head start, because cleaning can end up being a big job unless you plan on hiring cleaners to do the work for you.

If you can, try and get a good sleep the night before your move too, as you are going to need your energy on moving day.

Check back in next week for our last moving blog – Moving Day!