Removing Moving Stress Part 1 – What to do 8 weeks before you move

Moving can be a stressful time, but it doesn’t have to be.  The key to moving house without stressing out is to get organised early.

As soon as you know you’re moving, start planning out what needs to be done. Each week before your move there are different things to take care of, and over the coming weeks we will walk you through these steps in this blog.

About 8 weeks before you move, or as soon as you find out you’re moving, get yourself a journal, notepad or use your computer/phone to write down the list of things you know need doing and to keep track of what gets done. You might also like to adopt some form of filing system, so you can keep track of any paperwork, receipts and invoices.

Then have a think about what items in your house need moving and whether or not you will need removalists. If you do, start researching removalist companies now and get quotes. When you find a price you’re happy with, book your removalists straight away so you know they are available on the day. Don’t forget to ask your removalist if they offer moving insurance, otherwise you may have to arrange this elsewhere.

Once you know how all of your items will be getting moved, start arranging your packing supplies such as boxes and tape so you can get started on this later. If you aren’t moving to your new address straight away you may also need to arrange a storage solution.

Next, you need to start notifying people of your move. Let people know your new address, get a mail redirection and let any institutions know of your move. Make sure they know the date you will be at your new address so your mail is forwarded at the right time.

Last but not least, get any home improvements or repairs you may have agreed to be done now, so they are out of the way and you don’t need to worry about them later.

This is a bit of work to get you started with. Visit this blog again next week to find out what needs to be organised 6 weeks before your move.