Petition to Overturn Woolpack Rd Extension Decision

The Avenue of Honour debate isn’t over yet.

Bacchus Marsh residents are currently calling on the State Government to reverse their decision on the Woolpack Rd extension with a petition containing more than 3200 signatures so far.

The petition comes from the Push Back for Woolpack group, who have been sending out forms for locals to sign that requests that the decision to reject the Woolpack Rd extension be overturned and a second Avenue of Honour be created.

The Push Back group believes that the majority of Bacchus Marsh supports the Woolpack Rd extension, but they didn’t find their voice during the initial hearings.

A number of alternatives to the Woolpack Rd extension have been suggested but there has still been no decision made on how to fix Bacchus Marsh’s traffic problems since the extension was ruled against.

The Push Back group are hoping that the State Government will seriously consider their ideas and overturn the original Woolpack Rd decision after the petition is presented to them in a few weeks.

What do you think about overturning the Woolpack Rd extension decision? If you want to support the Push Back group and sign the petition, it’s available at Bacchus Marsh Print and Copy, 105 Main St, Bacchus Marsh.