2011 Census Results Revealed

The results from the 2011 Australian Census are in, and they have revealed a number of interesting stats about Australia and its regions.

Since the last census was held in 2006, Australian’s population is estimated to have grown by 8 per cent to 25.5 million people.

Of these people, almost a quarter were born overseas, with the United Kingdom being the leading source of international migrants, followed by New Zealand, China and India, showing that Australia is indeed a multicultural nation.

The Census figures have also revealed that housing in Australia has changed over the last 5 years. The median weekly household rent for Australia has gone from $191 in 2006 to $285, and median monthly household mortgage repayments have gone from $1300 in 2006 to $1800.

The family unit has remained fairly steady though, with the average number of people per household remaining unchanged since the last Census, at 2.6 people per household. The amount of married Australians has fallen slightly however, from 49.6 per cent of the population in 2006 to 48.7 per cent in 2011. Census figures also revealed that only 45 per cent of us are in nuclear families while one in six people are in single-parent households.

A number of other interesting figures from the 2011 Census have been released, and if you’re interested in reading them then you can head over to www.abs.gov.au/census where you can also read information specific to the Bacchus Marsh area by viewing our community profile.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the main stats that have come out of the 2011 Census (source: smh.com.au):

  • Population 21,507,717. Male 10,634,013. Female 10,873,704.
  • Median age 37
  • Families 5.68 million. Average children per family 1.9.
  • All private dwellings 9.11m. Average people per household 2.6.
  • Median weekly household income $1234.
  • Median monthly mortgage repayment $1800. Median weekly rent $285.
  • Average motor vehicles per dwelling 1.7.
  • Registered marriage 7,647,042 or 49.2%.
  • 33,714 same-sex couples. 4.6 million heterosexual couples.
  • De facto marriage 1,476,369 or 9.5%.
  • Not married 6,413,399 or 41.3%.
  • Top five countries of birth — Australia, England, New Zealand, China, India.