Should the old Bacchus Marsh Library be retained?

Do you want to save the old Bacchus Marsh library from demolition?

A large number of local residents have been rallying to save the old library from demolition and they have given the Moorabool Council a petition containing 472 signatures that requests for all planning and tenders of the demolition of the building to be halted.

According to an article in the Leader, only a few local groups were consulted regarding the library’s demolition and the last public proposal regarding the matter, took place in 2009 and it was for a proposal for a shopping centre which was rejected.

The current plans for the library site on Main Street include keeping the land for carparking and open space, and demolishing the buildings located there.

The Bacchus Marsh Community Land Group, who is leading the petition against the demolition, has proposed keeping the building to use it as a community hub, an art gallery or a museum.

The problem that the council faces is that the building will cost money to keep and maintain and that it is rarely being used.

Funds have been allocated for the demolition of the old library in the draft 2012/2013 budget, but a date for the library’s demolition has not yet been set.

What do you think? Should Bacchus Marsh keep the Main Street Library Building?