Bacchus Marsh Families to benefit from Clean Energy Payments

Carbon taxes will be introduced as of July 1st this year, but before that happens, many Australian families will be receiving assistance payments to hopefully help ease the financial burden that could come as a result of carbon prices.

The Federal Government will be providing a total of about $325 million in household assistance which will go out to low and middle income families around the country before the end of this financial year.

Some families may have already started receiving Clean Energy Advance payments of up to $110 for each child if they are on Family Tax Benefit A or up to $69 if they are on Family Tax Benefit B.

Pensioners, students and other eligible payment recipients are also set to receive support payments before the end of the financial year and after July Australian workers are also set to benefit from new tax cuts.

There are a lot of very mixed opinions regarding the introduction of the carbon tax later this year, but many families in Bacchus Marsh will be able to benefit from the extra payments, which along with recent interest rate cuts should help ease the financial strain on a lot of families’ budgets.

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What do you think about the payments? Will they help benefit Australian families?