Will You Be Paying It Forward?

It’s the small things that we do for each other that can help brighten up someone’s day.

Have you ever thought about buying a stranger a coffee or buying an umbrella for someone on a rainy day?

These may seem like small gestures but they can help make a positive difference to somebody’s day and then that person may be more inclined to perform a nice gesture the next time that they have the chance too.

This is the idea behind “Pay It Forward Day” which takes place on Thursday April 26 and is all about inspiring acts of kindness around us.

Pay it Forward Day started as in idea in Australia and it has now helped inspire people around the world.  Last year, 35 countries took part in Pay It Forward Day which led to a variety of good deeds ranging from food drives to free hugs and fortune cookies. If you would like ideas for good deeds that you could do head to payitforwardday.com/get-involved/ideas/.

Each good deed can have a ripple effect and cause many more good deeds to follow, and not only will you be making somebody else feel better, but you will feel better about yourself too.

So next time you have the opportunity to do something good, whether it’s on Pay It Forward Day or any other day of the year, take that chance and help brighten up the days of the people around you.