Should You Follow House Design Trends?

Have you ever walked into a home and instantly been taken back to a time when brightly coloured wallpaper and shaggy carpets were popular, or perhaps when ‘80s pastels and greys were all the rage?

House trends change all the time, and while it may have seemed like a great idea to use psychedelic colours in the ‘70s, it didn’t take long for a new design trend to take over.

So when you are trying to decide on the colours and features in your home it’s important to think about how “trendy” you want your home to be and whether it is better to choose a home design that is considered to be more “classic” and less likely to date quickly.

There will always be some elements of your home that will date somewhat, as new technologies and innovations change the designs and materials used for home products, but in general if you stick with classic colours like whites and classic materials like timber then your home’s style is more likely to remain timeless.

Timber in particular is a great product to use around the home, as timber can be sanded back and re-coloured even if the timber colour shades go in and out of fashion.

Using white or other neutral tones around the home will also help keep it modern. White is inoffensive, it makes rooms feel spacious and clean and is easy to choose fixtures, fitting and furniture that match with white and neutral colours.

So if you want your home to last throughout the years then it is best to avoid outrageous home trends. There are some current trends that will make your home stand out and they do look great while they are in style, but you have to ask yourself whether or not you want to pay the expense of repainting walls or fixtures if the trend you’re following goes out of fashion.

Obviously what is considered classic for one home may be different for another, especially if you have a period home, so you may like to do a little bit of research before deciding how to design and decorate your home.

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