How To Become an Emergency Volunteer in Victoria

Bacchus Marsh residents who would like to volunteer in time of an emergency are being encouraged to submit their details into Victoria’s new Emergency Volunteer Register.
The new volunteer register has been formed to help local councils and emergency organizations find help if it is needed in the event of a natural disaster such as a flood.
Previous natural disasters around the country have shown the willingness and kindness of people in times of need, and having the register will make it much easier to call on volunteers and direct them to the most suitable place to help.
The register will ask volunteers their skills and interests and this will help make sure that people are helping out in the right areas.
Those who do wish to volunteer in times of need have also been asked to use the volunteer registry rather then calling councils directly or visiting a disaster area straight away, as it makes it much easier to delegate tasks and it helps ensure the safety of volunteers too.
Hopefully volunteer help won’t be needed any time soon, and our region stays free of disasters, but if you think you might be interested in becoming an emergency volunteer you can register at Victoria’s Volunteering Portal at