When a property isn’t selling then you may need to take a step back and ask yourself the reasons why. It could just be that it’s a slow market or it could be that your home isn’t marketed at the right price.
There are plenty of great homes out there that remain unsold because they aren’t set at the right price. While as a real estate agent we will do everything we can to help our sellers achieve a great price, if the price is set too high then buyers simply won’t be interested.
So if you notice that you aren’t getting many offers or that people aren’t turning up to your property inspections then it may be time to review your asking price with your real estate agent.
It’s important to remember that most buyers out there are very price conscious and they will lose interest in a home if they can purchase a similar property for less. At the same time though you don’t want to set a property’s price too low as this could cause buyers to think there is something wrong with your property.
Recent sales for similar properties in your area can normally give you a fairly good indication of what price you can expect to receive. If you have any concerns at all regarding the sale of your property though, remember to talk to your Professionals real estate agent and they will be able to offer you the best advice to help you achieve the best price possible for your home.