Moving With Pets

Let’s face it – moving is a stressful time for people at the best of times. Boxes to pack, new spaces to fit your pre-existing furniture into. However, don’t forget the furry members of your family!   Pets as a rule, don’t like changes to their routines and some will find the process quite distressing. However there are ways to make this process a little easier for your four-legged friends without causing too much stress to them – and you.
·         Ensure that your pets are registered – with your new address on file.
·         Have your pets checked by a vet before they move and that you have a suitably-sized pet carrier, especially if you are travelling a considerable distance.
·         Familiarise yourself with local rules, laws and curfews – particularly if you’re moving interstate. 
·         Check that your new home is safe for your pets – particularly in regards to fences, chewable objects and leftover poisons from previous owners/tenants.
·         On the day of moving – see if a friend or a family member can look after your larger pets so that they don’t become distressed by the noise and commotion caused by moving boxes.
·         Have your pets belongings (toys, food, bowls etc.) packed into a separate box, so you can unload it immediately to ensure your pet is surrounded with items that they are familiar with. Bags of treats are especially handy in stressful situations.
·         Dogs should be taken for a walk around their new neighbourhood immediately to lessen distress and familiarise them with their new surroundings and smells.
·         If you have smaller animals such as guinea pigs, mice, birds or reptiles – ensure that they have plenty of food and water and are kept in a cool place where they won’t be knocked by boxes or furniture.
Remember to be patient – just take it one day at a time and the new routine will be in place before you know it.