When Was The Last Time You Checked Your Roof?

Most homeowners are great at keeping up with their home maintenance, but one aspect of property maintenance that can be easily overlooked is the condition of the roof.
Just like anything, roofs require a little bit of maintenance from time to time. Depending on the condition of your roof, you may need to hire a roofing contractor to make sure your roof is up to scratch, but here are a few things you might be able to do yourself (as long as you have safe access to your roof):
  • First things first, get on your roof and clean out leaves and other debris from your gutters. Once this has been done, get a hose and rinse away any remaining dirt.
  • To keep your roof in good condition (and pests from entering the house), make sure you regularly trim back trees and branches that hang over your roof.
  • Look for mould and moss build-up on your roof. If you find any moss, remove it with a special moss removal solution. After this has been used, you can remove any moss or mould by simply brushing the roof with a long-handled broom.
  • Check the quality of your roof. Things to look out for include curled or damaged tiles, as this can be a sign that your roof isn’t holding up to the weather or that your roof is getting too old.
  • If your roof is metal, then you may need to tighten its bolts.
  • Check your flashing (the metal strips found around objects like pipes). It’s important to make sure these are kept in good condition and there are no gaps between the flashing and the roof. If flashing is damaged or loose than it will need to be repaired.

If you are going to undertake any of your own roof maintenance then please remember to be careful and don’t do more than you’re capable of. If you have any hesitations or there are serious problems with your roof then you will most likely need to call out a roof contractor to have a look at it for you