More Bacchus Marsh Homes To Be Part of NBN Network

Many Bacchus Marsh residents were excited when it was recently revealed that our suburb would be the next in line to be connected to the National Broadband Network (NBN), but even more residents are set to get excited with the news that more homes and businesses are to be connected than first announced.
About 7500 homes and businesses in the area are set to be connected, which is 150 percent more than was originally thought.
This is great news for the area because it means that even more homes and businesses will have access to the speedy internet service, which will give Bacchus Marsh a competitive edge over most of the country in terms of business and communication needs.
As mentioned in my initial blog about the NBN coming to Bacchus Marsh, work is set to start on installation of the network this month, after which is will be about 12 more months until the network is available for use.
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